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Looking for industrial nameplates? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to ScanPlast, The Nameplate Company. We specialize in manufacturing great-looking nameplates with clear, precise text and graphics. Located in Edmonton, our company makes a complete line of industrial nameplates, panels and labeling products.

Nameplates end up in all kinds of extreme climates and tough environments. Understanding how your nameplate will be used helps us determine what your nameplate should be made of and how the text and images should be imprinted. Your nameplates must  look great and be built to last.

But making quality nameplates isn’t the only thing that important to us – providing great service is too. Everyone loves suppliers who are easy to work with, efficient and reliable – we certainly do! That’s why we make it simple and easy to do business with us. We also have the fastest turn-around times in the industry because we know how important it is to keep your projects and production on schedule. For this to happen you need your nameplates, safety labels, certification tags, equipment dials and operating instructions applied to your equipment on time.

So whether you need a half dozen engraved stainless steel rig plates, a couple hundred laser-marked cable tags or thousands of screen-printed shutdown dials, you can count on ScanPlast to provide quality products, hassle-free service and the best lead times in the industry. Order after order.



The quality of our nameplates is the simple outcome of having great people and great systems.


Be amazed at how quickly we turn around your order. Our lead-times are, quite simply, industry leading.


We’re friendly. We’re efficient. We’re honest. We make it simple and enjoyable to do business with us.